Promoting Your Site Tutorial

   To be able to start working with a site, you have to possess some basic seo knowledge.This can be acquired quite quickly. The information presented in this document is perfectly adequate and I must stress that you do not have to be an optimization guru to achieve results. Once you have this basic knowledge you can then start work, experimenting, getting sites to the top of the search listings and so on. That is where seo software tools are useful.  

   1. Firstly, we create an approximate list of keywords and check their competition rate.We then evaluate our chances against the competition and select words that are popular enough and have average competition rate. Keywords are selected using the keyword suggestion tool. This is also used to perform a rough check of their competition rate. We use the PageRank Analyzer module to perform a detailed analysis of search results for the most interesting queries and then make our final decision about what keywords to use. 

   2. Next, we start composing text for our site. I write part of it on my own, but I entrust the most important parts to specialists in technical writing. Actually, I think the quality and attractiveness of the text is the most important attribute of a page. If the textual content is good, it will be easier to get inbound links and visitors. 

   3. In this step, we start using the HTML Analyzer module to create the necessary keyword density. Each page is optimized for its own keyword phrase. 

   4. We submit the site to various directories. There are plenty of services to take care of that chore for us. In addition, Seo Administrator will soon have a feature to automate the task.  

  5. After these initial steps are completed, we wait and check search engine indexation to make sure that various search engines are processing the site. 

  6. In this step, we can begin to check the positions of the site for our keywords. These positions are not likely to be good at this early stage, but they will give us some useful information to begin fine-tuning seo work. 

 7. We use the Link Popularity Checker module to track and work on increasing the link popularity.  

  8. We use the Log Analyzer module to analyze the number of visitors and work on increasing it. We also periodically repeat steps 6) - 8). 

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