Basic Blogger Template (Part 2)

In the previous tutorial, you knew the basic structure of blogspot template.In this tutorial, we will go into more details of a template structure.A template structure basically contains parts that looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>     <!—- define XML-->
<!DOCTYPE html>     <!—- define doctypes -->
<html ...>
========================= START HEDER =========================
====================== START CSS Styling Section =================
======================  START BODY =========================
<div ...>
<b:section ...>
<b:widget ...>
<b:includable ...>

Heder Section:
Basically it contains important information about the template code and the title of your blog. Best of all, you don't have to worry about anything in this section. It's a standard header for all templates. The only time you add some codes here is when you want to put some meta tags (additional information about your blog for SEO).

CSS Styling Section:
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, a web language used to control the style of a HTML document. This is the section that you want to know the most if you want to modify your existing template or design a new template We'll get to this part in more detail in later tutorils.
CSS Styling Section begins and ends by <b:skin><!CDATA[ …. ]]> </b:skin> tag.

Body Section:
            Each temple is different layout that are prescribed by <div> tag,<span> tag,<ul> tag,<li> tag… However,all they include the Add a Gadget bars as side bar, footer…Add a Gadget begin and end by <b:skin>… </bA:skin> tags.
Add a Gadget include the widgets as Blog Posts, Popular Post, HTML/Javascript… The widgets begins and ends by <b:widget> … </b:widget>. Beside <b:section> </b:section> may contain one, more or nothing pairs <b:widget> </b:widget> tag.
Beside <b:widget></b:widget> tag containing <b:includable></b:includable> which are similar to functions in C language. Beside <b:widget></b:widget> containing at least one pairs <b:includabel></b:includable> with id=’main’ which are similar to main function in C language.
These are basic instructions about the part of the blogspot template.The follwing guide will go into detailed description of the above tags.

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