Keyword Analysis for Dummies

Choosing keyword for our website is the most important part in online business. It is extremely important for us. Keyword is the main reason for any success or failure of any online campaign. Either you are targeting SEO or PPC or banner advertising, wrongly targeting keywords can put all our investment in to vain. We don’t want irrelevant traffic to our site referred from high traffic sources. It may help to increase Alexa ranking and Google analytics traffic count to impress advertisers. But, if the visitors drop and leave without digging deep into pages or checking out banners or advertisement, then it will increase bounce rate and reduce profit from your site. So, it is extremely important to do a complete keyword analysis before starting any campaign or building a website.
First of all, we need to find competing pages for any keyword that we targeting. Not all the keywords have high competing pages. To find out this, you can search in Google (assuming that you are trying to get good ranking in Google). Just below the search box after hitting “Search” button, you can view “About xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx Results (0.xx seconds)”. For example, if you search “SEO” in, you will get “About 160,000,000 Results (0.14 seconds)”. This shows the number of competing pages for any keyword that you are targeting. You can check competing pages on local search engine too following the above steps. Of course, for local search engine results there won’t a lot of competing pages because Google filter down sites that they think suitable for local listings.
Selecting lowest number of competing pages keyword is helpful in getting our site to rank higher faster. Low number of competing pages will give easy way to reach top ranking. Of course, you need to check average search volume that particular keyword gets before targeting it. If that particular keyword only gets 100 average visitors monthly in search volume, then you might be wasting your time. Taking into consideration that only top 1,000 sites shown to the users and very rare someone would even go to 2nd page to view top 20 sites, it is extremely important for you to reach first page of Google. So, targeting a keyword that has over 160 million competing pages for a new website is a foolish step. So, you need to go through intensive onsite and offsite SEO campaign to reach first page that draws approximately 20-50 visitors.
You need to select keywords that have low number of competing pages with high number of average monthly search volume. Divide average monthly search volume with competing pages. The higher number is the better in selecting as your targeted keyword because it will show you it have lower competition and easier to reach top spot. Let’s take for example SEO niche; using Google Adwords Keyword External tool, will get average monthly search volume. For this example, we are targeting that caters US visitors. Let’s monitor the below keywords and its competition:
1. Search engine optimization
Competing pages: 57,300,000
Average monthly search volume: 2,740,000
Competition: 2,740,000 / 57,300,00
Rate: 0.0478
2. Web page optimization
Competing pages: 13,900,000
Average monthly search volume: 550,000
Competition: 550,000 / 13,900,000
Rate: 0.0396
3. Seo service
Competing pages: 51,400,000
Average monthly search volume: 110,000
Competition: 110,000 / 51,400,000
Rate: 0.0021
4. Best seo
Competing pages: 112,000,000
Average monthly search volume: 33,100
Competition: 33,100 / 112,000,000
Rate: 0.0003
Comparing the results above in SEO niche, it shows that “Best SEO” keyword has extremely high competition. The lowest competition among all 4 keywords is “Search engine optimization”. Even though, if you are targeting for long tail keywords, make sure to check the competition of your targeted keyword. It may fall in highly competitive field that can take ages to rank high. Do the simple calculation above to find out the best keywords to work with using free tools.

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