Search Engine Optimization Basics:Meta Tag

Meta tag is a very important tag for seo.Thera are three types of meta tag you should note:
1.Meta tag format:

<meta name="author" content="Duong Tuan Anh blog -">

Allows you to declare information about the company,address and author when users find your blog on the internet
2.Meta tag format:

<meta name="description" content = "Blogger Tips for beginner-Wordpress Tips for beginner -  SEO Tips for beginner">

Brief description of your website's content will  show when users search the internet
3.Meta tag format:

<meta name="keywords" content="tutorial blogs,bogging tutorial for beginner,blogging basics,tutorial blogger,blogger tutorial for beginner,blogger basics,seo tip for blogger,seo guides for newbie">

Declare this tag with keywords, these keywords will be compared to a user types keywords into the search box.If  keywords which the user types is in one of   keywords you declare,your website capabilities to high rankings is very large

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