Buying Domain Name On GoDaddy

To register, please click on the banner Godaddy to its homepage, then look at the Create Account at the top. 

It will take you to the registration page:  
• First Name: 
• Middle Name: Your Mattress. 
• Last Name: Your Name. 
• Login Name: Nick used to access Godaddy. 

• Password: The password you choose. 
• Confirm Password: Enter the password. 
• Password Hint: Password reminder - the keywords you choose to recall chinh.Password Password Hint Password must differ from the main (if you do not want to pass highway). 
• Call-in PIN: type in four numbers of your choice. 
This is the PIN number to use when you need to contact Godaddy, you should choose a memorable number with you and others are not open. 

• Organization: Home Office (if not working, then leave it blank). 
• Address 1 & 2: Address the ban.Bat forced an address in address, if too long, then split into two items next in line. 
• City: The city you live. 
• State / Province: City or Province. Please choose Country before completing this section. 
• Zip / Postal Code: Postal Code chinh.De out more about the postal code, here you see (if the advertising, press SKIP Advertisement in the upper right corner). 
• Country: The country you select song.Ban know what down? 

• Work Phone: Phone you use (I usually write my mobile number here). 
• Work Ext: blank. 
• Home Phone: Home Phone (optional). 
• Mobile Phone: mobile phone (optional). 
• Mobile Carier: Telephone Network (none in the list is to "Other"). 
• Fax: (optional). 

How to write phone numbers: 0084 + area code + tel number. 
• Account Type: Select Personal if you are an individual or business if you choose to make this acc for business, but if you are personally own business, choose Both ^ o ^.
• Gender: Choose Male if you are male, Female if female. 
• Birthday: Select your birth month and day (this is why no birth children o_O). 
• Email: e-mail you are using. 
• Confirm Email: enter the email above. 

Continue to drag down, this is the option to contact her with Godaddy (usually to receive promotional information). You have the option you deem appropriate section or leave the default 
  Note: contact you via text messaging of renewal notices, product information or on your mobile device Special Offers? (Standard Charges Apply) - to contact you via text messaging to notify changes, product information or special offer on your phone (extra charge, choose the best "no")
Finished, then press CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT
That's it and know, you will receive a letter of welcome to Go Daddy in email.Gio just enter your login username and password in the top of the Godaddy website (just above the create account button it), then ^ ^ press Go 

• After registration is complete you conduct transactions: 

First, you click on the blue banner above to go to the web GoDaddy ( or you can type to them). Please login using this framework: 

It's right on the website only: 

  Then you press the button Products (such as position in the image above) and start filling the domain name you want to look into (the table next to the girl: D): 

Press GO to move on to step tiep.O here it will list for you the domain name, you can buy: 
You can choose to add, or press the orange button below to continue (Continue to Registration). A table will appear on your offer to buy this domain name to another extension, the price is quite attractive dan.Neu you have a own brand should also protect your domain this way (a bit expensive children): 
Press select parts you want to add, or No Thanks for switching to the next section you have logged tiep.Neu then the one it will automatically fill in for you (according to the information you provided at registration). You just continue 
Part 2. 

• Registration Length: Term used domain names (in years) 
• Registration Contact: Your personal information (whether declared upon registration) 
• Certified Domain: This domain name was certified - that is if you spend $ 2.99/nam the domain name will be recognized as your own (must be valid when the suit or hacked only + _ +) 
Next select the print is finished ^ ^ 
Next is the domain of security packages and personal information: 

If you do not have much money, just press Next stop ^ ^ 
Part 4 is about the services included theo.Va especially if you choose to purchase any additional service pack in this section, your domain value will drop to $ 1.99 (first year only) 

Continue to press next to see the products in your cart: 

You can tick in the Private security package to buy personal information with $ 6.99/nam promotions (wait a moment after the tick to its load). If for public, personal information such as name, house number 
, the handset may be in the hands of the people you would not last muon.Kiem investigate and press Continue to Checkout button (the square in her right ^ ^) to make the payment. 

Select Credit card if you wish to pay by Visa / Master card bank card (ATM card is not it), or Paypal select Paypal if you have been verify. 
When you choose Paypal, it will lead you to the page
You log into Paypal account in a small window on the left side ay.Con only to subscribers who do not have Paypal account at PayPal (which is why the new registration has to pay Godaddy =.=). 

India and Continue.The Agree that you are connected to this Paypal account to purchase Godaddy.Sau it will automatically use this account to pay toan.Ban can also use Paypal if desired. 

Continue to press, Inc. for the payment page of GoDaddy king, carefully watching everything, and then click ORDER NOW nutPLACE to the right of the screen. 

You can find the domain name here and then log in conducting toan.Don only simple, just type the domain name you want in the bottom of this, results will be displayed instantly: 

Once you've decided for sure, please follow the instructions in tren.Chi other is if you are not logged in, you will have to sign or fill in item # 1: 

So you've finished buying domain names (domain).

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