How to Use WP Robot and avoid Google Ban

Many news spread recently that user of WP Robot plugin were banned from Google Search Engine. Just for your information, it is true that Google hate anything about auto blogged. They only concern about unique content, and hate robotic website that only chasing their money.

I heard it from forum that many of member forum got de-indexed by google. They said that this last day, google sweep more recently, they find for wp robot user. Is this dangerous?

When i heard this, i got no panic at all. I have use wp robot plugin almost one year, and not even 1 web that got de indexed by google. I believe that i play this wp robot with a safe ways.

How to use WP Robot with safe step?
1. Use random posting time
I believe that google will easily catch us if our posting time were same. For example, there are 100 post that posted exactly every 93 hours. This will be impossible for HUMAN to posting like this. This must be robotic!. So, avoid this kind of post

2. Make your content as a unique content
To do this, you need special plugins to help you. You can use UNIQUE CONTENT WRITER, or WRITE AGAIN plugins. That two plugins ispremium plugins, means that you must pay for it. Using one of this plugins is optional, even you aren’t using this, you still can save from google ban. (Psttt,… off the record,… maybe you can search any pirated plugin at rapidshare. Use this search engine :

3. Sometimes, make a manual post
Make manual post!. This will randomizing the posting time for your autoblog site. This will make google more confuse to make decision to analyze our site

4. Never do duplicating post
Do not duplicate post in one web. If you use wp robot, sometimes you will got duplicate post in different category. This will danger your site. To avoid this, use DELETE DUPLICATE POST plugins.

With that 4 steps above, i hope your autoblog will live longer

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