Wordpress Theme Tutorial:Thesis-SEO

In this article, i will guide you about my favorite wordpress theme: thesis.I like wordpress thesis theme because one of the most-touted features of the thesis theme for WordPress is its built-in SEO (search engine optimization) options. This eliminates the need for installing additional plugins and makes it very easy to make sure your site is Google friendly.

So I share with you a few things about it.You visit Thesis>>Page Option>>Home Page Option (I using Thesis v1.7).You can see

Document Head Tag

This is the text that appears at the top of the browser and is also the title used when your article is displayed in the search results. An example of this feature being useful would be if you want to remove your site name from one page, but keep it for others.
Meta Description

This is what appears underneath your post title in the search results. A meta description isn’t always used by Google, but it usually is. Make sure to accurately describe your post in ~160 words and you should be fine. This has no affect on your rankings, but it does have an affect on your clickthrough rate. Use this spot to entice users to click on your post.
Meta Keywords

Google has been very upfront saying they do not use meta keywords, so I wouldn’t worry about them. If you’d like, you can put keywords in here. I don’t.
Post Image and Post Thumbnail Alt Text

A lot of people don’t worry about their image alt text. That’s silly. Google and other search engines can’t see images, so let them know what the image is about. Provide a short description with your keywords for both the post image and the post thumbnail as well as any other images you use. (Bonus tip: Name your images smartly. Let google know that the image is keyword.jpg, rather than 1xxx0766rT3.jpg.)

This isn’t specific to Thesis, but editing the permalink is another great way to help the on-page SEO of a post. Delete any unnecessary words and keep it concise and relevant. For example, I have a post titled 37 Signal’s Rework (Book Review). That’s great for people reading the blog, but I know that searchers wouldn’t be searching for that. I changed the permalink to simply /rework-review, since that’s what people will be searching for. This is also another opportunity to get your keywords bolded.

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